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Deborah Russell Bonanno

Deb Russell Bonanno (AKA Deb Russell) started as a service provider and advocate for people with disabilities to get jobs. She thought businesses should employ people with disabilities because it was a nice thing to do. She didn’t know any better. Then she created the world’s most successful large-scale disability inclusive employment initiative. On her first day she whispered, “Do you really think they can do it?” a year later she was analyzing the data that defended the answer “Yes, they can!” Since then, she has helped over 100 businesses reap the benefits of hiring people with disabilities. Then she went on to help agencies create more effective partnerships with businesses. Everyone has the ability to uncover the talents and value of people with disabilities in the workforce. The key is in a careful match between the individual and the needs of the business. Discover the Value of Employment! - Deb Russell